CORE helps your business thrive. That’s why we have a team of seasoned professionals focused on providing you the services you need to implement and optimize CORE.

Core Implementation

CORE implementation is a great opportunity to assess your business and put vast improvements in place. CORE follows a methodology to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations. Since we’ve never failed an implementation, you can rest assured we’ll truly deliver. And we’ll be here to support your implementation across-the-board.

The Process


CORE analyzes your business practices and uses that information to configure the system to match your operations. We’ll also introduce you to some best practices and suggest ways of increasing efficiency. You’ll be able to see how your practices compare to those of your peers, and then take the opportunity to refine or remove inefficient activities.


CORE works with your team through the life cycle of a project to ensure the software is configured to meet your needs.


CORE creates a customized training program for your organization to ensure that every member of the team is using the software effectively. You’ll get customized documentation and data definitions, which will allow you to train and integrate new and existing employees. CORE training is not just 2 weeks and out. We’ll ensure you are fully up and running. And we’re here when you need us the whole way.

Core Support

With your CORE licensing, you’ll get free support and upgrades of your software, including future versions. At CORE, we’re committed to your ongoing support.

You’ll also have access to:

> Subject matter experts

> Access to fast response times

> Annual user conferences

> Online Wiki knowledge base

> Best practices and training webinars

Core Professional Services

Here’s a look at the variety of services we offer.

Consulting & Training

At CORE,we continuously update features and tools. Our specialized group of subject matter experts can help your organization learn new features and best practices or train new users.

You'll get:

Onsite or online training by function


CORE-hosted intensive trainings

Integration of new locations and business lines (pre- and post merger integration)

Report Writing

We’ll support your ability to deliver custom reports, which can be deployed for you, your vendors or your customers.

They include:

Custom financial reporting & budgeting

Commission reporting

Sales forecasting

Custom proposal and service forms

Customer status


CORE has a flexible, scalable framework, allowing you to build customizations based on your requirements.

You can:

Integrate with vendor/customer 3rd party tools

Get specific financial reporting (operational, & financial &, compliance)

Access distinct lines of business

Warehouse data

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