CORE is a robust software suite that adds accessibility and accountability to your contract furniture dealership. It's packed with five platform modules (Sales, Service, CRM, Accounting, and Dashboard) that inject order and clarity into your business operations.

The Five CORE Platform Modules

Sales Orders

Use the CORE Sales Order system to improve order accuracy and automate your sales and procurement processes.

Electronic Ordering

Automate your interactions with vendors and customers with CORE’s simple web service interface.

CORE Catalogs

No need for third-party software! Get manufacturer catalogs from your sales orders or create your own catalog. Adding your products and services to sales orders is a breeze.

Smart Quote

CORE enables direct contact with manufacturers, meaning you get real-time contract pricing and model validation any time during a quotation’s life cycle.

Tax Rate Lookup

Your tax rates will automatically be applied to an order-related bill of materials, mining the appropriate information straight from Avalara’s tax rate database.

Enhanced Project Management

Want to be notified when critical events should occur in your business? CORE's streamlined workflows keep your team in the loop at all times.

File Cabinet

A single place for every one of your files.


Your file system, organized. Users can store or print directly into CORE’s file depository.


Users can share files with each other, with customers, or with vendors all within CORE. Email overflow: alleviated.


All files related to a specific CORE source with meta data can be searched and organized as you see fit.


CORE’s Data Storage mechanism maximizes storage and searching functions, making files easy to retrieve.


Let communication flow through your organization.


Allow users to track jobs from quote to fulfillment.


Use customized notes with author and timestamp information for searching and audit purposes.


Pass notes to others throughout tasks and events.


Synchronize notes between systems inside the integrated email tool.

Web-Based Receiving

Anywhere, anytime. Employees or vendors can access CORE’s receiving module from any web browser or mobile device to record and flag products.

Electronic Work Orders

Customized and online, Electronic Work Orders allow delivery and installation details to be monitored and completed from the field using CORE’s EWOK mobile application.

Time Entry

Record time- and job-related activities right from the web­-based program, from job costing to payroll reporting.

Master Scheduler

Internal or external providers can schedule and assign resources on the fly from CORE’s web­-based tools.

Pre-Sales Monitoring

You can customize, configure, and record all your customer activity from one secure place.

Real-Time Forecasting

Get full access to your records and easily convert golden opportunities into tailored sales quotes.

Email Integration

Synchronize all your contracts, events, and tasks from email servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Mail.

Total Flexibility

Move opportunities from CRM to the sales order process with a few clicks. No need for two systems or re-entry of data.

Accounts Receivable

Automate and accellerate your billing process with CORE's fully integrated Accounts Receivable module.

Accounts Payable

Focus on job costing so you get a true valuation of your business’ projects. From expenses to reconciliation to WIP, you can process and track all vendor-related transactions.

General Ledger

Track financial performance any time with the ability to customize financial structures and reporting capabilities.


Align compensation to specific orders and claw back any overpayment issues with surprising ease.

Budget and Performance Reporting

Easily track, store, and report performance metrics in comparison to real­-time results.

Comprehensive Looks

Get a real-time view of all your data from a single, aggregated source. It allows you to monitor all your organization’s essential functions on one screen.

Customizable Dashboards

Users are able to build detailed dashboard layouts and filter data that's specific to their needs. They get a real-time status for their own function, allowing them to identify issues before they become a problem.

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